Friday, July 18, 2008

new hair!

so from the previest post i said that i was getting my hair cut based around ashley tisdale's!
well, i ended up getting it totally different! but i am very satisfied with my hair. i like it more then i was planning on getting it. i ended up getting it with a copper brownish/red/dark brown shadow! with upper lighter highlites. here are some pictures that my mom took of me and that i edited! yes, i know it sounds like they didnt turn out too good because i edited them. but when i got done with the finished products i was pretty overwhelmed with how well i did! i was tought very well from my mom!

ok. so i hope you enjoyed. feel free to comment and tell me what you think!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

my soon to be hair.

alright, so my hair has been getting on my nerves latley. because its just too long and too much too handle in this hot summer weather!

so i decided to get it cut like something like this later on in this week.

i figured it would be alot easier to keep up with since it has been pretty hot lately. so yea, i thought i'd just share that with you. once i get mine cut i will put up some pictures.

ok well thats about it for now. k bye!

the forth of july.

4th Of July!!
mine and my moms favorite holiday!
ok so the day starts off being just a normal day. then we all decided to send my mom bren and i to go get fireworks at "boom city!"
it took about 30 mins just trying to park in the darn place! i thought that zach was crazy sending my mom and i to go get all these wierd named fireworks!

so my mom and i just saw a big box full of stuff and just got that and hoped it had the funky fireworks that were asked for.
looks nice huh! well it turned out that we got everything that was asked for!
we were all pretty anxiouse to play with a few so we did, im glad we did because it was the only thing that occupied us. because we have to start shooting off the fireworks at like 10 o'clock, because thats when it starts getting dark. it turned out to be a pretty fun day!

zachs girlfreind, sierra who i love came visited us for a few days also. we all had a pretty decent forth of july. heres some pictures of our day.

well thats about it for now. thanks!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

may 24, oh' 8 (:

May 24 was the day that i blew out 12 candles.
and at the timing of my birthday, i couldn't ask for a better one.

for my birthday i just wanted to stay home the whole day and then maybe go out for dinner. my day was great. we all had a blast and i woke up to my friends calling me from Rhode Island screaming with joy "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MADDIE!!!!" and then sang the famous birthday song.
i was mainly on the phone with my wonderful friend Erin Myers, because it was also her birthday too.
Zach, Michael, Bren and i had a water war with water balloons and water guns.
it was pretty fun.
my mom and i made a marvolouse birthday cake. (well at least my mom did. hehehe)
the cake turned out better then i thought it would based on my mom's cake making skillz.
it was deliciouse too.
we didnt want to eat it because it was sooooo darn pretty.
my mom and i would just stare at it with admiration.

yeppp. isnt it beautiful?

ok soo back to what i was talking about.... what i told my mom that i wanted to do was just like go to the mall and eat dinner with her.

just me and her. auhhh. wouldn't that be nice?
well the outfit that i eneded up getting with my mom, was two pairs of plaid shorts, and one shirt that matched them both. (we took the easy way out) here are some pics of me being 12. (:

if you would like to read more about my day you can check out my moms blog which is... well that is about it for now.

ps. sorry i havent updated my blog in such a while.... i was busy with school work.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Project send Maddie home!

Project Maddie Going Home.
hello, So i thought that today i should blog about my fund to go visit my "home". the plan is that Jesse Bitto and i are paying a forth of a plane ticket for me to go visit my "home" in Rhode Island.
Jesse's mom Mrs. Bitto, agreed to pay for half of the flight, only if jesse and i would pay for the other half. Ok so my birthday is the 24th of this month, and that means that i am gonna get some money for that trip of mine.
today i got cards in from my grandparents.
i got 50 dollars total and i had already had 39 dollars saved.
So today i got to a total of 89 dollars!!
now over to jesse. she has 50 dollars saved so far, because she has been vacuming for her mom. by tuesday she will have 80 dollars.
so right now together we both have 139 dollars.
and right now round trip seems that it is going to be about 465 dollars.
now thats alot of money!!
it has been pretty hard for me not to buy new things with my money because i am a pre teen girl!!!!!! ahah. i am very excited for my trip, but jesse and i have our work cut out for us. but i also think that Erin Myers is agreeing to put in some money for us also. so i am proud of what i have accomplished so far but i still have aways to go.
well thats about it for now. im getting kinda tired. thanks for reading! bye.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hi, my last blog i ended by telling you that i will post about more of my friends that i miss very much in Rhode Island. so theres these two girls that i called my older sisters, there names are Alex Amaral, and Nikki Kammerer. i first knew alex and then she then introduced me to nikki. they two amazing chicas and they have gotten me very far! and i miss them very much. well here are some pictures of them.

Alex Amaral.

This is alex amaral aka my older sister she means the world to me. she gives the best advice that you could ask for. she has always been there for me, and she points out the truth whether i like it or not. she has her blond moments and can be a little slow at times...but thats why i love her. ahahah. i miss you and love you more then imaginable alex!!!

The picture shown above is us in New Hampshire. ahaha we had sooo much fun that day:) alex i miss you and love very muchh.=]

Nicole Kammerer.

Now its time for NIKKI KAMMERER. this girl right here is also one of my heros. she also gives the best advice. i look up to her. and she is a great roll model.we have had sooo many good times together, too many to count. i love you soooo much and HAPPY BIRTHDAYY!!! i love you sooo much. (:

the one that is hugging me is Nicole Kammerer. this was taken at my surprise going away party that Erin Myers and Jesse Bitto plannned. i was shocked the whole day. everyone shed some tears that night, including me. i miss everyone!!

nikki - i miss you very VERY much. you were always there for me when no one else was. you always made me smile when i didnt think i ever would have again. i miss you and love you very much. && i cant wait to see you again. ahah:) i miss you.

Erin Ryan.

the next girl is my "niece" no really she is....ahaha thats what i call her. and her name is Erin Elizabeth Ryan. this girl is soooo funny, and is also always there for me. we made the best of times that one night when YOU bought you, me and Erin Myers like 375843786 candies from cumby's. you spent like 11 dollars that night. i miss those times sooo much. i cant wait till the summer to come visit everyone!

This picture was also taken at my going away party. i thought this was our last goodbye but thank god it wasn't or i would have mascara running down my face on this picture and I would have a frown. ahah. our last goodbye was actually at the hotel that my family and i stayed for two nights before we left. i now do not like that hotel. (:

Erin Ryan i miss you very truely. you were the best "niece" i have ever had. you are my sunshine. i miss you and love you very much indeed. ♥

jessica Banks.

it is now time for Jessica Banks. this girl is the one who lights my fire. and i call her "mommy" she is the #2 best mommy ever! we have had some amazingly fun times together! "pogo dancing" :) wow! i miss you sooooooo much. come live with us!

this picture was also taken the night of my going away party. i miss this girl, jessica Banks very very very much. and right when i see you im gonna pogo dance my way over to you(:


raelyn is my bffl. ahaha we have got some snazzy typing skills. We can type with our nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, elbow, toes, you name it! i love this girl and we had some funn times at track meats, staarfish. ahahah. and glenn costa. ahah that was soooo much funn. i miss you soo much and love you. oh and we have our workout moves on ice. "please dont stop the music!"ahahah. i misss you.

and heres another reason why i love this girl.

she is who she is and no one can change that:)

Teresa && Carmen.

teresa and carmen. you two were my first friends in Rhode Island and i practicaly lived at your house in the summer(: i miss you two sooooooo much and i cant believe im gone from everyone right now. you two mean the world to me and i wish we could have said goodbye. :(

Rory Burns.

rory you are my hero. i love you and miss you sooo much. we made the best of those track practices and stuff. you are my love for ever and ever i hope you know that i miss you and love you more then you can think. i mssss youuuu!!!!!!!♥

Autumn Gomes.

autmn.....oh what to say? hmmmmmmmm i'll start with you are soo funny and you probably make me laugh more then anyone else. i love you and miss you sooo much. you are the one who has a shoulder to put my head on ready. you are always willing to help and i hope you have a great trip for your move. oh and you are my wifey for life(: ahahah we had some good times that night. oh remember when we were in fort butts and i put my hand on your shoulder and you screamed because you thought it was some scary person. ahah that was funny. i missss you sooooo much.

that day was funn:)

so was thisss!=] i misss you and love you soooooo much wifey!!!

joanie branistarnue.

ok now this friend is very special to me because we have been bestfriends since we were little.also this friend is not a Rhode Island friend. Joanie is a Georgia friend. she means alot to me. and i miss her very much.

ok so i think that i am done for tonight. i will blog tomarrow about our Rhode Island house and maybe this house. thanks for reading!

Monday, May 12, 2008


my name is madison joy cleary.

i wanted to start this blog so i could keep more in touch with my friends in Rhode Island, so i dont have to be in a rush to blog on myspace, i thought that this would be a much faster and successfull way to blog. i got my insperation to blog from my mom. she is a professional photographer, and soon i will be too,well atleast i hope:)

my dad is in the navy, that explains why i am all the way across the country. i am a christian so i believe that where ever i end up is where god wants me to be. i have lived in Georgia, California, Rhode Island and now here, Washington.

my favorite state that i have lived in is Rhode Island because you can experience the antartica and hawaii weather. also because my best friend lives there, and her name is jesse nell bitto.

Jesse Nell Bitto.
this girl right here is my hero. she is more then a sister to me. How important she is to me is wayyyy to herd to put into words. this girl changed my personalitiy. if it wasn't for her i wouldn't be who i am today. so her name is jesse bitto and she is the cheese to my grilledcheese, the jelly to my pb&j. i miss her sooooo much. And of course i miss her family and her little rat dog. hehehe. Well she is amazing, and her birthday is November 29. i love her like "grandmaw". aha. and miss her like "grandpaw." jesse bitto saved my life whe i fell into the stupid water. ahah that was some good times but scary when that big kid fell on me. And then theres our first sleepover which we rode my sisters bike down the stairs and made all those stupid videos. ahah well i mis you like crazy and can't wait until i come home:)

this picture was taken in a random store with sicknastty sunglasses in the mall.

and then theres this picture which my mom took of us at the Providence Bruins hockey game. as you can tell we were annoied of getting our pictures taken from my mom. ahah:)

Erin Elizabeth Myers.

i also have another friend that is one of my best friends too. and her name is Erin Elizabeth Myers. her birthday is the same day as mine which is May 24(96.) i love this girl soooo much. we are the ones that would go left if you said go right. we have had such good times. Like "secret admirer my butt." and then theres the time when we did a photoshoot just for fun that my mom took of us. Oh goodness i was just thinking back to good times, and then i thought of that one time Erin Ryan and you came over to my house and we went to Cumby's and bought like 7567826 pieces of candie and then on our way walking home we were trying to walk up the snow and we were laughing so hard that we were soooooooooo close to peeing ourselfs. and then there's all of those times in Mrs. Polselli's class. WOW! ahah. i miss you sooo much and you are like my other half. i love you. i wish you were here or i was there.♥

well, ahah this picture was takin when we stayed up till 3 in the morning getting ready for Colby's party that praticly me and Phyllis planned. but this night was soooooo fun and we had quite a few laughs that night.

and this picture was taken when we decided that we wanted to do a photoshoot when you slept over. and we were laughing really hard for some reason. but thats just us we laugh at everything! i miss you!


and heres a great one of all of us, which is probably one of the two? i love this picture. and i miss you two chicas very much

okay dinner time!!! for my next post i will show and tell you about more of my very close friends in Rhode Island.